Hela huset

Har de små i princip tagit över nu. Kändes som de var mogna för litet större utrymme och förra helgen öppnade jag upp för hagen. Det dröjde inte lång stund förrän de var på upptäcksfärd och vidgade snabbt vyerna. De senaste dagarna har de tillbringat allt mer på altanen tillsammans ned resten av gänget. På torsdag åker vi till vet. så de kan få första vaccinationen.

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  1. Hello. I’m living in Brussels. I would like to have a lovely cat. I have Birman cat since 17 years ago. Unfortunatly yesterday my new little Birman cat is died yesterday. 7 months … coronavirus … we are extremely sad. May I have some possibility to have a baby cat? I follow you on Instagram. Thank you. Collin

    • Hi Collin!
      I´m very sorry for your loss, it´s terrible to loose a family member like that 🙁
      I have a litter now where the kittens are two weeks old.
      If you are looking for a male kitten I have some available in this litter.

      Varm regards

  2. Hi!
    We are a young married couple, no planned children yet and no pets. We want to adopt a sweet little kitten and really got interested with the first kitten in this gallery (black pointy ears and white stripes over the nose). Is it a girl or a boy? How much would this one cost? How old is he/she and what week can we adopt? We live in Malmö.
    Thank you in advance!
    John and Julia.

    • Hi John and Julia
      Im happy that you like the kittens and you want to get a ragdoll 🙂
      The girl Aria is already booked, sorry…
      If you want to wait for a kitten I can put you on the waitinglist, just let me know.

      Varm regards

      • Thank you for the answer!
        Yes it would be great to be on your waiting list, we would prefer to choose a girl ragdoll amongst the upcoming litters or the the recent litter you just had!
        I hope we could be able to contact you via email, too, for easier approach in the upcoming kitten booking!
        Best wishes, John and Julia


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