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  1. Hello i am juliette, from france a total cat lover and following your gorgeous cats for a while now. I tried to contact you via on two occasions about becoming a mom to these absolute fluffy loving kittens but i don t think through instagram it worked. Now i found your website.
    I would absolutely love to become a mom too and i wonder if garfield or gandalf are are still available.
    I do not speak Swedish but english french and spanish
    I would come from france of course to meet you and them. But is there still a chance? Or are the kittens adopted and in sweden mostly? How do you proceed?

    I have had cats from cyprus where i lived and brought them back no problems. I still have a female 1,5 years old operated, asweet loving cat. She ll be so happy to play with a friend. Is this ok?
    I really really adore your kittens. Its such a joy to watch them every day. So kindly let me jnow about in fact any of the three G kittens Guccina, Garfield and Gandalf. And if you have a ” selection” process for mommys to be… how much you sell them ect. My name is juliette remy sartin
    My mail is remysartinjuliette@yahoo.fr and my tel mobile is 0033689055022.
    I am on whats app.
    Looking forward to hear from you
    I wish you a very happy new year


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